Rahil Mohammad is a resident of Mojpur (Laxmangarh) village in Alwar district of Rajasthan, who has elevated the name of himself and his village in the society due to his work efficiency. Rahil Mohammad has created his identity as a modern youth in the society.Rahil Mohammad is a student who belongs to a common family. Rahil’s father is a government teacher and his mother is a house maker. Rahil is average grade students who completed his 10th grade from Village school.

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Rahil heard the story of Imran Khan, who is a teacher of Alwar and has created apps related to education. Imran khan was stressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in London and rahil was inspired by the same teacher. There were lots of questions in the mind of Rahil Mohammad. He decided to become an apps developer after reading story of imran khan.

 Initially, he learned how to create Android apps from Google and YouTube. He got in connection with Imran khan in 2016 and he learned computer language till now he has published more than 12 apps that are available on Play Store to download.

Rahil faced some problems while creating these apps. He needed to pay for the uploading of apps to Google’s Play Store, which was arranged by making a website of the website that he got from the web site.

In this way he purchased developer account of the play store. Rahil’s parents feel proud of him as he is doing social work for the betterment of village students. Rahil Mohammad says that society should use modern technologyWith some efforts of Rahil Mohammad, our society will move forward in this age of technology. You can see the names of the apps that Rahil created. With the help of these apps, you can prepare for any competition, download the apps of Rahil Mohammed’s apps link.Rahil Mohammad says, I want to give a new direction to the children of our society in such a way that they can easily learn about technology. Rahil’s thinking is very modern; he is also worried about the society. All of these social applications are made by him. He has also published several made ads on these apps. Anyone can download Rahil Mohammad from the play store for FREE.

He is now-a-days preparing for government jobs and also making competition apps for the youth.

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